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    TUBBS Eclipse Snowshoes 2024

    A stackable solution.


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    Introducing the Eclipse snowshoe. It's simple design practicality for the beginner snowshoer and the entire family, for a fun day out on the snow. The Eclipse is built around the Torsion Deck™ and features rail pins which enhances traction, preserves your natural gait, and supports comfort when the terrain becomes uneven. The Eclipse's intuitive Quickstrap™ binding is easy to use and holds securely over the top of your foot and heel to keep you locked in. The Eclipse straight forward sizing system takes the difficulty out of finding the perfect fit, just choose from three different sizes based on your boot size. After a full day of adventure, storing is made simple with our EZ-Stack™ decking design which allows up to four pairs to lock together. The Eclipse is as functional as it is practical.





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