Introducing the

Tubbs x David Djite Collab

Professional Snowboard Athlete and Tubbs Brand Ambassador David Djite collaborate for a limited edition Flex ALP and 3-Piece Pole Set. The artwork was created by David’s father and inspired by their deep roots in Senegal, Africa. Beautiful pops of color celebrate Djite’s culture and passion for snow sports.

Uneven and sidehill terrain are no match for the Flex ALP’s new Torsion Deck™ technology that allows torsional articulation throughout the body of the snowshoe to enhance traction and preserve your natural gait. The Flex ALP is a go-to for backcountry travel.


Tubbs x David Djite 3 Piece Poles 2023

For those seeking more adventure, the 3-Piece provide added support on the snow and break down to a smaller size to allow for easy packability. These poles are crafted from 6000 series aluminum and feature a seamless 3-part shaft, twist-lock adjustment, a rubber grip and steel flex tips.


“The clashes of two worlds have always been fascinating to me. It doesn’t matter if it’s in culture, art, sports or whatever. Because what comes out of it is mostly a beautiful bloom of ideas that flourish new ways of feeling, seeing and doing things. And that’s where the idea for the graphics of this snowshoe come from.

With me growing up snowboarding in the beautiful Swiss Alps, but also having deeply rooted connections to Senegal, Africa, I wanted to see two of my own worlds clashing.

From the snowshoe that helps me reach mountain faces I want to ride to the artwork of my dad that translates the beauty of Senegal in its own.”



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