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Tubbs Snowshoes through the years


Norway, Maine - Walter F. Tubbs launches his snowshoe business and submits the following to the Maine register: “Snowshoes for all purposes. Bows made from carefully selected white ash. Only the best cowhide filling used. All sizes to fit all purposes.”

1906 Tubbs History


Walter F. Tubbs exhibits at the New York Sportsman Show.

1911 Tubbs History


The Tubbs Factory produces 50,000 pairs of snowshoes, an order from the British government for their WWI troops, boosting sales.

1915 Tubbs History


Admiral Byrd and Norman Vaughan select Tubbs Snowshoes for their South Pole expedition. This would be the first successful American expedition to explore Antarctica since 1840 and required 75 pairs of snowshoes.

1928 Tubbs History


Based in Wallingford, Vermont, Tubbs owner Harold Underwood designs the Green Mtn. Bear Paw wooden snowshoe. This popular style is still sold today.

1958 Tubbs History


Stowe, VT, snowsports capital of the East becomes the new home of Tubbs snowshoes under the leadership and vision of Ed Kiniry.

1987 Tubbs History


Tubbs thrives in the rebirth of recreational showshoeing through innovative technology and by introducing their 1st lightweight aluminum snowshoe.

1990 Tubbs History


Tubbs continues to lead the way by introducing the revolutionary TD91 Binding with patented Control Wings.

1991 Tubbs History


Tubbs brings the competitive snowshoe race community the first asymmetrical aluminum frame, on the Tubbs 10K Race Snowshoe, for an effortless running stride.

1993 Tubbs History


Norman Vaughan scales namesake Mt. Vaughan (ele. 10,000’) at age 90. “Since the South Pole, I’ve never used any snowshoe but Tubbs."

1995 Tubbs History


Tubbs launches, the industry’s first searchable database of snowshoe trails across North America. Fueled by the snowshoes community, the database contains over 2,600 trails and continues to grow.

1997 Tubbs History


After extensive research and the vision of now General Manager Kathy Murphy, Tubbs becomes the first manufacturer to introduce snowshoes, designed specifically for women, featuring women specific bindings.

1998 Tubbs History


Tubbs realizes the strong interest in recreational showshoeing and expands to Europe, Japan, and Scandinavia.

Tubbs also introduces the pint-sized Tubbscout for kids,offering families the perfect all-inclusive winter activity.

1999 Tubbs History


Tubbs is recognized by the Vermont State Chamber of Commerce as Exporter of the Year.

2002 Tubbs History


Tubbs launches the 1st Annual Romp to Stomp Out Breast Cancer Series - a national event series to raise money for local Affiliates of the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. To date, participants have helped raise over $1.8 million!

2003 Tubbs History


With industry leading fitness research the Winter Fit™ training program as a foundation, Tubbs launches the Nordic Snowshoe internationally, expanding the snowshoeing-for-fitness message globally.

2004 Tubbs History


Tubbs leverages its heritage built firmly on innovation for exploration, and launches the “3D Fit” Binding Platform of Technology. Product patents, experience and the desire to deliver the best in binding fit, performance, and comfort propel Tubbs to introduce this new technology platform.

2006 Tubbs History


Tubbs Introduces the Ambassador Program! Tubbs is excited to welcome 8 Ambassadors to our team for the 12/13 winter. These Ambassadors were selected from over 50 applicants and will be submitting stories, tips and tricks throughout the winter. Follow them on our blog!
2012 Tubbs History
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Tubbs Snowshoes’ mission is to encourage adventure, exercise, family fun, and human connection to nature by providing high quality snowshoeing equipment, to get people outside and in the snow.

ABOUT THE COMPANY Founded in 1906, in Norway, Maine, Tubbs Snowshoes is a pioneer of the American snowshoeing industry.

While originally crafting snowshoes from fine white ash wood, we now specialize in both traditional aluminum and modern composite snowshoes, continuing to raise the bar for innovative snowshoe designs.

As the first company to engineer women's-specific snowshoes in 1998, Tubbs recognizes the diverse needs of men and women alike, taking into account stride length, stance width, and other physiological differences to create premier ergonomic fit.

Tubbs is dedicated to growing the community of snowshoers. We believe creative programming including the Tubbs Romp to Stomp Out Breast Cancer Snowshoe Series, the Get Outdoors Program, and our community of Tubbs Ambassadors, will grow a thriving ecosystem of snowshoeing community and culture.

Based in Seattle, Washington, in the shadow of always snow-capped Mt. Rainier, Tubbs is a member of the K2 Sports family of world-leading winter sports and outdoor recreational brands.

Snowshoe Evolution

Evolution of the Snowshoe